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Features & Benefits

Product Benefit

    Get in Shape

  • Redefine your body shape with Swee Tummy, Waist, Thigh and Full Body Shapers
  • Swee give you extra firm control and corrects your posture
  • Micro massage can give slimming effects in 3-6 weeks
  • Strenghtens Abdomen muscles and reduces bulge
  • Fit into any outfit that you want

    Medical Applications of swee shapeware

  • Useful for Post-surgical recovery
  • Prevents Deep Vein Thrombosis (D.V.T)
  • Useful for women post delivery
  • Useful for effective recovery in post Liposuction
  • Provides relief from Joint pain
  • Effectlively reduces cellulite

Our Product Hightlights


Seamless and comfortable as your own skin.

Breathable fabric

An elegant blend of international fabric to keep you cool.

High in quality

We offer supreme quality and international standard products.


Feather light products which are easy to wear and carry.

Helps to reduce 2inches fat

Helps to takes off 2inches fat instantly.

4 way stretch

A four way stretchable fabric for the ultimate comfort.

Skin friendly

Skin friendly fabric to avoid rashes and skin problems.

Blocks moisture

A special fabric that absorbs and blocks moisture to keep skin dry & fresh.


Material used is long lasting and durable.


Available in different sizes.

Cotton double gusset

for your comfort and convenience

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